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Buy Top Quality Second-hand Spare Parts for all Cars, Vans and Trucks in Ghana

Owning a vehicle in Ghana is a blessing that provides you the liberty to explore every corner of this amazing and diverse country. On the other hand, you get to transport yourself and your family safely and conveniently. A vehicle working in perfect harmony requires timely servicing and regular maintenance. Spare parts require replacement from time to time. Finding the right replacement spare part at an economical price is an art that very few can master.  Car Spare Parts In Ghana

If you are someone who struggles to find the best quality genuine replacement parts at affordable prices then Partfinder Ghana can offer great help. We manage one of the largest networks of new, used, and reconditioned genuine spare parts dealers that are scattered all over Ghana. We can help you search, discover, and buy those parts from those dealers at amazing prices. The best thing is that you do not have to leave your home at all and can complete the whole process in the safety of your home.

Ghana, The Automotive Hub of West Africa

Ghana imports around 12000 vehicles every year and its automotive industry amounts to around 500 million dollars per annum. It contributes around 30% of the GDP of the country. The automobile industry has been the driver of growth for this country and one of the most visible sectors to receive foreign investment. The government of Ghana is also offering 10-year tax breaks to the automotive manufacturing industry in a bid to make Ghana the regional hub for car assembly and boost car sales in the local and regional markets.

Ghana has seen its first local assembly line for automotive production that manufactures vehicles according to the requirements of the local markets. With an emerging economy and revitalizing the automotive sector, Ghana is set to become a major exporter to the local and regional markets for vehicles and spare parts.

Available Choices Regarding Spare Parts  Car Parts For Sale In Ghana

Replacement spare parts are the bloodline in the maintenance regime of a vehicle. It is important to know the possibilities when it comes to buying genuine replacement spare parts at affordable prices. You have generally three choices when you go to buy replacement spare parts.

The easiest way to locate and buy the replacement spare parts is to visit the local dealership. They offer brand-new genuine spare parts of the highest quality that are manufactured by the original manufacturer. However, those dealerships are well known to be expensive, and buying replacement parts from them can cost you an arm and a leg. Getting those spare parts fitted from those dealerships can also be costly as compared to any other workshop.

A cheaper alternative is to buy the after-market spare parts. These are the parts that are manufactured by the third party and those parts are generally made to fit as many vehicles as possible. Due to this fact, those parts are not a great fit for any particular vehicle and since those are a cheaper option, those parts are not of great quality either. Those parts sometimes can do more harm than good to your vehicle due to their sub-standard quality and loose fitting.

There is another popular choice that we believe is better than both choices mentioned above. You can choose to buy used or reconditioned genuine replacement spare parts and not only gain great quality spare parts but you can also save some money as well. Those parts are taken from the vehicle that is declared a write-off due to an accident or technical fault. Any parts that are not damaged are taken out of the vehicle and are sold separately. Those parts are OEM parts manufactured by the original manufacturer and the quality and fitting of those parts are perfect. You should prefer the reconditioned parts if possible as those parts are as good as the new ones when it comes to performance and reliability.

Best Way to Buy Used and Reconditioned Spare Parts  Auto Spare Parts In Ghana

We have established an understanding that used and reconditioned spare parts are a great way to replace the faulty parts in your vehicle. However, it is important to know which is the best place to buy those parts. You can visit your local auto parts market and see if any of your desired parts are available there but the problem with this option is that the choice is limited in your local market. There are limited shops that sell the used and reconditioned parts and hardly any of them keep your desired part in the stock.

E-commerce is shaping up the way businesses conduct their business nowadays. It completely makes sense to take advantage of this brilliant technology as long as you can find a trusted and reliable source online. You should try and take advantage of e-commerce to find and purchase your desired part. Partfinder Ghana can solve this problem as we are a trusted online source with years of experience in doing legitimate business.

Your Ultimate Partner for Buying Used and Reconditioned Spare Parts

Partfinder Ghana manages one of the largest networks of trusted and reliable spare parts dealers. Our dealers are selected to join our network after careful consideration and thorough research. To continue doing business within our network, those dealers have to score considerably high in customer satisfaction.

We have kept the process of finding and ordering the spare parts extremely easy. All you are required to provide the registration number of your vehicle. Our advanced self-recognition system figures out the make and model of your vehicle and provides you with a complete list of dealers who have your required spare parts in stock. Shortly after you start receiving non-obligatory quotes from our trusted sellers. You can choose your required part according to your budget preferences and your requirements.

Up to 60% Savings and Complete Customer Satisfaction  Used Spare Parts In Ghana

The main principle of our business is to provide complete customer satisfaction to our customers. We achieve this unbelievable feat by asking our dealers to offer a warranty on every product that is sold. This gives our customers an enormous sense of relief and confidence in our organization.

There is another incentive for doing business through our website. You are likely to save up to 60% when you choose to buy used or reconditioned spare parts instead of brand-new ones from the dealership. There is a usual price difference between used and reconditioned parts and brand-new parts which can amount to almost 50% and then there are further savings possible during the festive season so keep your eyes and ears open to take advantage of our seasonal sales.

Parts Delivered at Your Doorstep

We arrange fast and reliable delivery of your purchased part at your doorstep for a minimal sum. We understand that not everyone has enough time on their hands to collect the parts in person. This is why we provide the delivery service right at your doorstep. This means that you do not have to leave the safety of your home during this pandemic. We can go on about our great services but we understand that the best way to feel the difference is when you use the services yourself. We look forward to your custom.

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